A Good Week in My Old Stomping Ground!


Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the Financial Magnates London Summit, courtesy of the gracious team at SGT. It was a delightful few days during which I reconnected with dear old friends and forged new acquaintances. As an expat, who no longer partakes in the downing of alcohol, spending time in a city pub evoked a wonderful sense of nostalgia.

The past days have seen several noteworthy events, and I'll delve into some key highlights.

The markets have performed admirably, aligning with our expectations. Since early October, we've been anticipating a Christmas bounce, and the markets have not disappointed. For swing traders closely monitoring their charts, the movements have proven relatively straightforward to track. Kudos to the individuals crafting the technical analysis in SGT's Chart Book, as they accurately identified last week's high on EUR/USD.

Both precious and non-ferrous metals have exhibited stellar performances. While my physical gold remains securely buried in the garden, I'm contemplating closing my speculative metal positions before year-end.

Grains have been somewhat lackluster, but as long as they maintain their positions at these lower levels, I'll keep them on the books.

Regarding equities, despite bullish narratives, I'll continue to assess the current strength, seeking opportunities to initiate short positions.

Lower energy prices and improved consumer sentiment are significant positive factors. Over the coming weeks, I expect there might be a little more strength. However, I have no intention of chasing these markets higher and risking being caught holding the baby at the end of the year.

In the realm of cryptocurrencies, things are currently looking promising. A rally up to 50,000 on BTC cannot be discounted, especially with BlackRock leveraging its influence to encourage more institutions to invest in its ETF.

There are undoubtedly better ways to expose oneself to crypto than funneling more funds into Black Rock.

The trademakers platform features a crypto index program, BCIF, that appears promising and certainly warrants further investigation. I had the opportunity to meet the individuals behind this program, which is simple, transparent, professionally run, and a prudent way to gain crypto exposure without breaking the bank.

Normally, I might delve into discussions about the crazy new leadership in Argentina, Gert Wilders' success in Holland, or offer opinions on the declining attractiveness of socialism and globalization, and the impact of Conservative Party socialist policies in the UK. However, for now, I'll save those topics for another occasion.

This week, I want to spotlight the developments at SGT and trademakers, especially now that they have launched real-time, feeds on their fractionalized investment programs. This is excellent news for SGT's existing and potential clients, and I strongly recommend investors take the time to explore what's happening at SGT and capitalize on the opportunities available.

As mentioned earlier, I attended the FMLS last week, where the primary focused was on promoting platforms and providing liquidity. While I appreciated learning about various technical offerings, there were too few young individuals willing to engage in discussions about future market moves and economic events, which from an investor's perspective, I was looking forward to.

Fortunately, the depth of knowledge and experience at SGT provided me with the insight and opinions I needed to enhance my current ideas.

While acquiring the latest trading technology is essential, the value added by dealing with seasoned individuals who have navigated the markets since before the existence of trading platforms cannot be overstated.

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