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bMAMS: How Does bMAMS Returns Compare?

Last week we looked at how the return to drawdown statistic can be used to compare different trading systems. This week...

The Old Man’s Views Nervous Markets. No Clear Direction and Lots of Noise.

I've traded through every "boom and bust" since the 1970s, but today's environment is unlike anything I have seen or...

Cromwell FX Market View Quiet Week with Thanksgiving Weekend

Last week was quieter as the US celebrated Thanksgiving. FOMC release gave a glimpse that members were beginning to favour...

Digital Asset Insights Digital Asset Insights #94

Stay informed, do not make your next crypto move without the right history and careful predictions. This newsletter comes in...

The Old Man’s Views “Past Performance Is No Guarantee of Future Success”. Ask The Argentinian Football Team

In case you have missed it, a very controversial World Cup tournament is underway in the shifting sands of the...

BMAMS: Using drawdown & returns to analyse a system

Last week we looked at the drawdown statistic, which effectively tells us the risk a system takes when trading. Here...

Cromwell FX Market View Crypto Markets Head the Volatility

Last week we saw continued volatility in the crypto space as the continued fallout from the FTX collapse sent shockwaves...

Digital Asset Insights Digital Asset Insights #93

It is a new week, and here are what you need to know about the market trends last week. Find...

What can we expect over the coming weeks?

The investment world has never been in as much of a mess as it is today. So, anything suggested here...

BMAMS: What is the drawdown statistic? and why it is important

The drawdown statistic is one of the most important values to consider when judging a system and comparing it with...

The Old Man’s Views The crypto industry created SBF, so let’s not cry too much, shall we?

I lost money last week on BTC because an industry-created superstar turned out to be a crook!   The loss...

Cromwell FX Market View Surprise CPI. Could this be the Fed pivot point?

Last week US CPI unexpectedly fell to 7.7% YoY vs the expected 8%. Markets moved sharply higher with a strong...

Digital Asset Insights Digital Asset Insights #92

Have you wondered what is happening in the cryptocurrency market and how possible one could leverage the situation for one’s...

The Old Man’s Views Crazy is as Crazy Does!

The investment world has been relatively boring for the past few months, which is not unusual following a massive decline...

BMAMS: October 2022 Trading Result

We returned +1.08% for the month of October on a drawdown of 2.5%. The return of 1.08% graphically over...

Cromwell FX Market View Fed & BOE Hike; Payrolls Still Strong

Last week saw both the Fed and BOE raise interest rates by the expected 75bps. The initial reaction was negative...

Digital Asset Insights Digital Asset Insights #91

Is the crypto season finally here? If you are not informed of what is happening now and the possible trajectory...

The Old Man’s Views Whilst capitalists are in it for the money, Libertarians wish to be owners of their own lives

You cannot compare the two because one is a political theory, and the other is economic. However, from an investment...

Cromwell FX Market View All eyes on the upcoming Fed

Last week was less volatile as a calm before the storm could come. The UK appointed as expected Rishi Sunak...

Digital Asset Insights Digital Asset Insights #90

The good news is here, take advantage of the bullish trend, know which digital currency is worth investing in, and...

BMAMS: Finding Millions of Systems

How BMAMS uses powerful, modern computers to search for millions of new systems. We get the computer to construct systems...
Portfolio Diversification

Portfolio Diversification: How to Protect Your Investments

This article is designed to be a general commentary on diversification and alternative investments in your portfolio. While the content...

Equity Market Observation 26.10.22
DAX Index

After trading as low as 11800 in early October, we have seen corrective rally into the longer term down move...

The Old Man’s Views A Bizarre Week in the UK, But a Good Week for The Markets

Last week when I wrote, Liz Truss was still Prime Minister, and Jeremy Hunt had just become Chancellor, which I...

BMAMS: Reducing Portfolio Risk

Hello friends - today I'm going to talk to you about creating our portfolio and how we take our individual...

Cromwell FX Market View Truss Resigns BoJ Intervenes

Last week was a volatile week as UK politics came to a head with Prime Minster Truss resigning and a...

Crypto Market Observation 25.10.22

Despite the bearish sentiment, BTC has been holding below the 20,000 level for some time and we could soon see...

Digital Asset Insights Digital Asset Insights #89

There is no better or safer way to engage the sloppy market of digital assets other than being guided by...

The Old Man’s Views The UK government is “flummoxed”. So am I!

That's a fine word for non-native English speakers.   In modern-day usage, it is the state of mind of politicians....

SGT Markets is looking for a Technical Trading Specialist

SGT is a fast-growing, multi-asset broker looking for an experienced technical person to join our team and work closely with...