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SGT Chart Book

The main themes from last week for anyone who missed out. A drop in US Bond prices after the Fitch...

When you get it wrong, you get it wrong… or do you?

The strength in equity markets surprises me to no end. I don't have exposure to these markets, so it's not...

Mastering the Art of Crypto Trading: Where to Start and Which Indicators to Use

In recent years, the world of finance has witnessed the rise of cryptocurrencies, and with it, the emergence of a...

Fed and ECB Meet Expectations

Last week both the Fed and ECB raised rates in line. However Fed Chairman Powell continued a dovish tone on...

Unlocking the Secrets of EMA: Demystifying the Meaning and Power of Price Movements

In the world of trading, there are numerous technical indicators that traders use to analyze market trends and make informed...

SGT Chart Book

Last week, the Fed and the European Central Bank (ECB) implemented another 25-basis point hike, raising the rate to 5.5%...

Markets and Madness: Getting back onto the Saddle

As my much-needed rest and recuperation comes to an end, it's time to dive back into the quirky world of...

Unlocking Hidden Potential: The Advantages of Smaller Funds from Boutique Investment Firms

Having spent decades in the financial markets, working with some of the largest and most renowned investment houses, I have...

Inflation Slowing and Fed on The Horizon

Last week we saw continued evidence of inflation starting to slow across the global economy. The UK which has the...

Digital Asset Insights 25.07.23

Bitcoin Ethereum Solana Cardano Tether Here, we analyze the performance of leading cryptocurrencies from minor dips to modest gains. We...

SGT Chart Book

Wednesday 26th July will see the Fed announce its next interest rate decision. The consensus is for a further 25...

Unleashing Prosperity: Embracing Innovation Over ESG

When we examine the achievements of successful individuals, like Larry Fink and his impressive creation of BlackRock, we cannot help...

Bollinger Bands: A Comprehensive Guide to Using Them in Trading

In the world of technical analysis, Bollinger Bands have emerged as one of the most popular and versatile indicators for...

USD Weakness as Demand for Dollars Slow

Last week was a volatile one as slowing inflation and further reduction in upward price pressure came through in the...

The Curious Case of a Rising Stock Market in a Sluggish Economy

In the realm of finance, it is not uncommon to witness peculiar market phenomena that defy conventional wisdom. One such...

Digital Asset Insights 18.07.23

Bitcoin Ethereum Solana Cardano Tether Binance Coin Bitcoin (BTC) On July 16, 2023, Bitcoin's price opened at $30,235.5, showing a...

SGT Chart Book

Last week saw both US CPI and PPI inflation numbers coming in better than expected. US10 YEAR Having broken out...

The Menace of Political Propaganda: Undermining Investment Decisions in a World of Biased Information

In the intricate realm where politics and markets intersect, the impact of political propaganda cannot be underestimated. As a young...

The old man got screwed last week, thank god!

There is nothing worse than an old man in pain, especially a cynical old bastard who is still trying to...

MACD Divergence: A Powerful Indicator for Trading with Price Action

As a trader, I am always on the lookout for new and effective indicators that can help me make better...

Navigating Investment Markets with Caution: Understanding the Summer Months

Investment markets are famous for their ups and downs, influenced by various factors that can impact your gains or losses....

Further Rate Rises on The Horizon

Last week we saw sentiment move more and more towards further rate rises for the Fed with the phrase "Higher...

Digital Asset Insights 11.07.23

Bitcoin Ethereum Solana Cardano Tether Bitcoin (BTC) On July 3, Bitcoin opened the week at $31,151.3. Despite early positive momentum,...

SGT Chart Book: Hiring Slows Down in June

Last week's focus was on economic data released Friday which showed that US employers added 209,000 workers in June, down...

Unveiling the Best Moving Average for Day Trading: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction to Moving Averages for Day Trading As a day trader, one of the most important tools in your arsenal...

Week of Consolidation

Last week we had a week of consolidation post recent central bank announcements. Continued hawkish rhetoric from both the Fed...

Digital Asset Insights 04.07.23

Bitcoin Ethereum Solana Cardano Litecoin Tron Bitcoin (BTC) On June 25, Bitcoin opened at a price of $30,465.3. It initially...

SGT Chart Book

We are halfway through a very interesting year. A look at the global equity markets shows a large disparity. The...

July Trading Notification

With the upcoming holiday in the US on 4th July, we wanted to let you know what the trading hours...
SGT Market Observations

It Appears BTC Is Coming of Age

Sometimes you come across a comment of value regarding BTC and crypto trading; beyond the unqualified, 'buy it because it's...