Adam Hill

Invest in Europe’s largest green liquid hydrogen plant

By Adam Hill / 10 May 2023

trademakers launches its first investment opportunity in renewable energy. The Whitehill project in Scotland, UK, is a 100% clean, green energy project to create renewable hydrogen for transport from wind and water.

Trading, Investing & Digital Assets in the spotlight in new video series

By Adam Hill / 23 Feb 2023

SGT and trademakers have partnered with the Ztudium group to bring market-tested experience and insights into trading and investing opportunities for young and old.

SGT and Partners Launch New Financial Markets Video Series

By Adam Hill / 14 Feb 2023

We’re thrilled to announce that SGT and our partners at Tradersdna and trademakers have released the first video interview with Peter Kristensen (CFO at SGT) and Adam Hill (our COO), hosted by Hilton Supra, Vice-Chairman of Ztudium Group.

5 More Cryptos to Trade

By Adam Hill / 25 Jan 2023

We’ve added even more cryptocurrencies, so you can trade now more than 25 crypto pairs. Have you ever wanted to…

The Promised Land of Cannabis?

By Adam Hill / 12 Jan 2023

The metaverse is still very much a work in progress, but its potential to disrupt and bring real-world benefits is becoming increasingly compelling.

The metaverse will likely impact many distinct areas of life, but it will also deliver something genuinely new – a virtual (and convenient) alternative to bricks and mortar stores where the customer experience is truly front and centre, where experts, entertainers, businesses, and fans can meet, learn, and earn.

Christmas and New Year Trading Notification

By Adam Hill / 09 Dec 2022

You are probably getting ready for the holiday season, so before you down tools, we wanted to let you know…

Portfolio Diversification

Portfolio Diversification: How to Protect Your Investments

By Adam Hill / 27 Oct 2022

This article is designed to be a general commentary on diversification and alternative investments in your portfolio. While the content…

SGT Markets is looking for a Technical Trading Specialist

By Adam Hill / 19 Oct 2022

SGT is a fast-growing, multi-asset broker looking for an experienced technical person to join our team and work closely with management to manage and optimise multiple trading platforms. SGT offers flexible, remote working hours to fit in with a 24-hour off-site support team.

SGT Launches Fractionalized Investment Strategies

By Adam Hill / 19 Oct 2022

Sterling Gent Trading Ltd (SGT), a licensed and regulated broker-dealer helping private and institutional clients achieve their ambitions is delighted to launch Fractionalized Investment Strategies in partnership with Swiss investment specialists,

Premier multi-asset trading firm, SGT, is thrilled to announce new owners, a new brand and fractionalisation

By Adam Hill / 13 Sep 2022

Sterling Gent Trading Ltd (SGT), a licensed and regulated broker-dealer helping private and institutional clients achieve their trading ambitions since…