Peter Kristensen

SVB and Silvergate Chaos

By Peter Kristensen / 13 Mar 2023

In light of this weekend’s news regarding the chaos at SVB and Silvergate, we wanted to get in touch with you to reassure you that SGT has not been affected by these recent developments.

FX Market Observation 24.08.22

By Peter Kristensen / 24 Aug 2022

Follow up on the earlier EURCHF observation, the long term traditional SHS formation has now reached a good part of…

FX Market Observation 23.08.22

By Peter Kristensen / 23 Aug 2022

Follow up on the earlier EURUSD observation, After the break we tested the parity found the support we were expected…

Join Peter Kristensen at the inaugural Open Business Summit

By Peter Kristensen / 19 Apr 2021

Join Peter at the first Open Business Council global summit with over 20 + Government and Institutional leaders as well as 120 + Industry Experts on 21st of April at 9:30 GMT +1 where Peter will be speaking on De-Fi and digital asset investing alongside an esteemed group of panellists. Tackling smart businesses, governments and…
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The Future of Finance

By Peter Kristensen / 04 Dec 2020

How will technology change the way we trade, invest and pay? Peter Kristensen addresses these questions and evaluates the impact of digital assets on investors’ portfolios in an interview with TradersDNA. As more central banks, large institutions adopt dedicated crypto policies, and we see huge upswells in the number of private individuals who own or…
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