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By SGT Trading Desk / 19 Feb 2024

The stock-market rally was hit last week when government data showed that prices rose more than expected last month and suggested that the Fed’s fight against inflation may not end as easily as some investors expected.

SGT Chart Book

By SGT Trading Desk / 12 Feb 2024

S&P 500 Index reached new highs and breached 5,000 for the first time. Up 14 or the past 15 weeks for the first time since 1972. WOW! Nikkei hits a 34 year high. Now only approx. 5% away from ATH set December 1989…

SGT Chart Book

By SGT Trading Desk / 05 Feb 2024

Highlights from Last week: 1. Non-farm payroll release on Friday 2. Wednesdays Fed Meeting, and 3. Mega cap stocks continue to perform…

SGT Chart Book

By SGT Trading Desk / 29 Jan 2024

The U.S. economy reported another month of mild inflation in December, keeping the Fed on track to deliberate when and how quickly to reduce interest rates later this year.

SGT Chart Book

By SGT Trading Desk / 22 Jan 2024

New all-time highs (ATH’s) for major US equity indices. With SP500 breaking above previous highs set in 2022. The week’s data for US was very mixed, with yields on 10-year note rising to highest levels since December. Summary is that investor feel inflation has peaked, but chances of rate cuts in 2024 have fallen.

SGT Chart Book

By SGT Trading Desk / 15 Jan 2024

Highlights from last week – just in case you missed them! New all-time highs (ATH) seen in the Dow on Friday, the S&P500 still below highs set 2 years ago. How significant is this divergence?…

SGT Chart Book

By SGT Trading Desk / 08 Jan 2024

Happy New Year and all the best to our readers for 2024. A quick message about the chart book: the intention is to provide some market highlights and hopefully bring to your attention some interesting chart patterns. These are not recommendations to buy or sell any particular instrument.

SGT Chart Book

By SGT Trading Desk / 18 Dec 2023

US Equity markets see Dow Jones trade to All-time highs (ATH).
S&P 500 Weekly Winning Streak Is Longest in 6 Years (since November 2017)

SGT Chart Book

By SGT Trading Desk / 11 Dec 2023

A gradual cooling of the still-solid labour market extended into November, renewing optimism that the economy is still on a glide path for a soft landing…

SGT Chart Book: The Year-End Rally Continues

By SGT Trading Desk / 04 Dec 2023

Hopes that the Federal Reserve is done raising interest rates turbocharged a broad-based rally, driving prices of everything from stocks to Treasuries and gold sharply higher.