Cannabis deserves the metaverse


Investment in the metaverse hit $120bn in 2022 and it shows no sign of slowing. Its been described as a platform for gamers, a virtual shopping space, a new advertising opportunity, or a gateway to as yet undreamt digital experiences, the metaverse is coming.


But what makes the metaverse the ideal destination for cannabis?


That’s what we asked Mark Bonner, CEO of Cannaverse Technologies. Mark and his team have launched Cannaland, a metaverse for the Cannabis industry. According to the website, Cannaland is:

‘...the world’s first dedicated cannabis community where enthusiasts and the canna-curious come together as a community of one.’

Watch the full video with Mark interviewed by Adam Hill, Co-CEO at Swiss investment firm JPFS to find out why cannabis is going into the metaverse and how businesses and individuals can get involved in claiming their space and coming together to learn about cannabis, build branded experiences, try new digital experiences and explore the potential of this booming sector.

The Cannaland Interview

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Cannabis deserves the metaverse


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