Market Observations

What can we expect over the coming weeks?

By Tony Westfallen / 17 Nov 2022

The investment world has never been in as much of a mess as it is today. So, anything suggested here…

Equity Market Observation 26.10.22
DAX Index

By SGT Technical Analysis / 26 Oct 2022

After trading as low as 11800 in early October, we have seen corrective rally into the longer term down move…

Crypto Market Observation 25.10.22

By Tony Westfallen / 25 Oct 2022

Despite the bearish sentiment, BTC has been holding below the 20,000 level for some time and we could soon see…

Equity Market Observation 12.10.22
Nasdaq Index

By SGT Technical Analysis / 12 Oct 2022

Nasdaq observation follow up broke our support level 11,000 and second target 10,500 came close to be tested, rebounded to…

FX Market Observation 04.10.22

By SGT Technical Analysis / 04 Oct 2022

EURUSD is now testing the last break point around 0.99, looking at the past we have seen test of breaking…

FX Market Observation 30.09.22

By SGT Technical Analysis / 30 Sep 2022

Cable (GBPUSD) has broken below an almost 30 year support line, this is a substantial break and its heading towards…

Crypto Market Observation 29.09.22

By SGT Technical Analysis / 29 Sep 2022

ETH tried to break above the neckline but failed, small shooting star with a toppish momentum is not a good…

Equity Market Observation 29.09.22
Nasdaq Index

By SGT Technical Analysis / 29 Sep 2022

Nasdaq has tested our support level at 11,000 and looks like it wont be long before breaking, will it hit…

FX Market Observation 29.09.22

By SGT Technical Analysis / 29 Sep 2022

Follow up on earlier observation in EURUSDWe hit our first long term target around 0.95 this week, a bit earlier…

FX Market Observation 24.08.22

By Peter Kristensen / 24 Aug 2022

Follow up on the earlier EURCHF observation, the long term traditional SHS formation has now reached a good part of…