Market Observations

Energy Market Observation 08.07.22

By SGT Technical Analysis / 08 Jul 2022

Having seen major gain after the Russian invasion. The chart shows well defined boundaries shown by the red lines. We…

Crypto Market Observation 07.07.22

By SGT Technical Analysis / 07 Jul 2022

Major technical damage was inflicted on break of the $28,000 area, with a sharp sell. Daily charts show a down…

Metals Market Observation 06.07.22

By SGT Technical Analysis / 06 Jul 2022

Short rising trendline has been broken and we are looking for a test around 1700, the continuation pattern on momentum…

Equity Market Observation 06.07.22

By SGT Technical Analysis / 06 Jul 2022

Having broken trendline support and major topping formation at 14,800, market is retesting lows for this move around 12,500 level.…

Is June Rhyming with May?

By SGT Analytics / 24 Jun 2022

Good afternoon, Just a quick note on the S&P 15 minute chart to highlight the similarities between May’s price action…