How much fun can I have with this short report?


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Guess what? I’m about to go AWOL, leaving the hectic markets behind for a few weeks.

But don’t worry, my dear friends at JPFS, SGT, and Trademakers have my back. They will be sharing some informative reports I prepared in advance – educational ones, not those filled with time-sensitive details that can make your head spin.

While I’m enjoying my time on my back, pumped with morphine, and with a bit of luck, getting baths from some young nurse, I hope you’ll take the time to delve into those reports. And I eagerly await your feedback, although I can’t promise I won’t be in some prescription drug-induced state when I read it!


As an experienced market expert who writes once a week, I focus on the big picture. I leave the day-to-day madness to the news-hungry wolves and the thrill-seekers chasing short-term price fluctuations. You won’t catch this old man riding crazy roller coasters.


However, I’ve recently become more interested in short-term trading.

In these uncertain times, it is prudent to keep an eye out for potential risks. The best way to protect ourselves is by limiting exposure and employing risk management techniques.

Speaking of which, I’ve invested some funds in Trademaker’s fractional investment programs, as, despite being out of the game, I want my money to work for me.


I have still got my short positions on the SP500 and EURUSD. But I have not been crazy; stops are in place; all I can do now is cross my fingers, say a little prayer, and hope all goes well over the next few weeks.


I really wanted to grab some bargains in the commodities market and acquire natural gas, wheat, and aluminium, while they were still “cheap”. I use “cheap” cautiously.

If prices remain where they are, I will jump in as soon as I get my act together.


I still want to get back into BTC, especially as it’s been good to me over recent months. But I’m not feeling the same excitement at its current levels. Call me selective, call me fickle, but there must be a compelling reason to get back into BTC, and right now, I’m not seeing it!

Blockchain technology is the future, and those who have embraced it will make a killing when it takes over the world.

I may have a limited amount of crypto in my wallet, but I’m holding onto my few CCDs, even if they’re currently worth less than a pack of gum from the ’70s.

Who knows, one day, they might skyrocket, and I’ll be celebrating with Mrs Christensen’s “Les Cinq Filles champagne” and drinking it from the golden chalice I buried in the garden!


I am looking forward to a summer buzzing with political dramas and economic tangles, so no matter which side of the Atlantic you are bathing on, brace yourself for the government debt and corruption show.

Republicans have raised the debt ceiling, but we all know more cuts in spending are needed. Meanwhile, the corrupt works of the EU remain veiled behind the Ukraine conflict’s smoke screen, but how long can they keep this European mess away from the front pages?


Stay optimistic, but cautious, this summer.


That’s it.

My upcoming operation beckons. But fear not; it’s all good!


And, as a famous Austrian scholar once said: “I’ll be back!

The post How much fun can I have with this short report? first appeared on JP Fund Services.

The post How much fun can I have with this short report? appeared first on JP Fund Services.

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