In God we Trust, but will the wheels come off the EU trolley?


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A quick scan of the financial news Monday morning suggests that Gold is the only commodity to own, cash is King, along with shares in Apple, and the EU is doomed unless the majority of increasingly poor Europeans start spending money.


I am sure there is a lot of other news around, such as the same old story that shit employment figures will encourage the FED to lower interest rates because we have to have an opinion on bonds. But the fact is, this is not particularly good news for the economy as a whole.

Anyone who reads my stuff will know that these stories have all been featured in my reports over recent weeks, so you shouldn’t be surprised by anything happening.

President XI has made a trip to the EU, whose future is almost reliant on the fiscal policies of the Chinese Communist Party. One can only hope that his meeting with Victor Oban is much more enlightening than what comes out of the meetings with Macron and the other globalist toads who will be lining up to plant a kiss on Xi’s “red” fat ass!


Anyway, there is nothing unusual about EU Politicians kissing foreign ass. They have been doing it to Zelenski and Xi for years.

But this brings me to my main point: asking Europeans to go out and start spending money that Europeans don’t have,

We have invested untold trillions in China, investing in their factories and at a cost to our industries, and buying nothing but Chinese-made products at a cost to our Factory workers.

Sure, we have moved to services because no one wants their kids working in factories, but the fact is that relying on a service industry to provide economic growth is very foolish. And in EU terms, it’s downright madness because of the size of the population.

I know we are continually told that Europe cannot grow unless our population increases, but some statistical games are being played here to justify mass immigration rather than giving Europeans what they want: more opportunities, more jobs, and more economic security. All of this can only come if we start producing more of the goods we consume as Europeans.


Xi’s visit should be a good reminder to everyone that China’s growth comes at a cost, and those who are paying the cost are Western taxpayers. Moreover, it does not come at a cost to Western politicians, who pay almost zero tax on their taxpayer-funded incomes.

The whole idea that impoverished EU taxpayers are being asked to spend more of their meagre incomes to stop the EU from going into recession is, quite frankly, taking the piss!


How about we stop paying all these green taxes and tell Xi to go back to China and take the money out of his country to save the planet? After all, they are the biggest polluters!

And while we are at it, why don’t we ask Xi to fund the Ukrainian civil servants and pay Ukrainian pensions? If he wants to become a global leader, then let him take responsibility for these payments. I am sure if he did, he would have strong words with Putin, and the war in Ukraine would be over pretty quickly.

The fact is, our political class will say nothing of the sort as they don’t have to, and they don’t have to because Europeans will do anything they are told because the autocratic, tyrannical EU has taken the place of God Almighty, and therefore must be obeyed at all costs.

Okay. I know this is an exaggeration, but Europe has declined massively in economic terms since the advent of the Euro, and much of this is due to wasteful fiscal policies and widespread political corruption.

Of course, bad fiscal management and political corruption are everywhere, but in most other Western World countries, the population can, if they so choose, change their government and—with a bit of luck—the direction of their nation. In Europe, this is impossible because the all-powerful EU is a one-party state in which critical voices are quickly silenced.


If I could see anything positive happening within the European economy that pointed to future economic growth, I would happily get behind it. Still, Europeans are little more than tax slaves who have been whipped into submission by wasteful gluttons living in the Ivory Towers of Brussels. And those living in the Ivory Towers are servants of foreign powers and unelected corporate bigwigs.

This rant is important because we have to look at various capital markets to make our money. The over-focus on what happens in America stops people from investigating what’s happening in Europe and stops people from appreciating that with 450 million people, the EU should be just as important as the USA. Much more importantly, Europeans should have the same option to vote in and out of office their political leadership.

Trump may come to power again at the end of this year, and once again, the USA will change its fiscal direction—God knows it needs to!

However, in Europe, with its political elections also taking place this year, the fiscal direction of travel will remain the same, so the economic situation has no chance of improving.

Because of this, I remain much more optimistic about the dollar over the long term than I am about the Euro. While admittedly, the dollar will weaken and probably lose its global reserve currency status at some point, the Mickey Mouse Euro will never be able to maintain its strength against a currency that still bears the words “In God We Trust!”


The post In God we Trust, but will the wheels come off the EU trolley? first appeared on JP Fund Services.

The post In God we Trust, but will the wheels come off the EU trolley? appeared first on JP Fund Services.

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