Fund & Portfolio Managers

Fund and Portfolio Managers can now create exciting investment opportunities for clients in partnership with SGT. By combining your in-depth trading knowledge and management capabilities, together with SGT’s proven fund creation and administration expertise, money managers can finally unleash their potential.


Fund Manager or Portfolio Manager?


Fund Manager

A Fund Manager manages a formally established fund and provides full fund administration, audit and reporting services.


Portfolio Manager

A Portfolio Manager manages or advises trading and investing accounts on behalf of others or as part of an in-house portfolio.

Experience & Expertise

200+ Funds

The SGT team has been involved in the launch of over 200 hedge funds and tailored fund administration solutions with combined gross assets of over £10 billion. The experience of having been on both sides of funds gives SGT an edge and qualified insights very few other groups can boast of. We know what fund administrators want and need in terms of reporting structures, changing regulatory environments and client service expectations.

Tailored Solutions

SGT actively works with new fund managers to define and develop suitable operating structures, select the best jurisdiction, configure fund administration tools, and trading facilities as well as configure intelligent reporting facilities to ensure fast and correct NAV calculations, every time.


"SGT provides solutions that add value to our fund manager clients. We don’t impose a one-size-fits-all operating model but engage with you directly in order to design and implement fund management solutions and processes that deliver the results your business needs.”

Peter Kristensen, CFO at SGT.

Portfolio Managers

  • Portfolio Managers can manage client funds from a single trading account, combining our industry-leading pricing with flexible MAM/PAMM allocations.
  • SGT’s Portfolio Manager program means you can fully customise trading conditions for your clients from individual leverage settings, risk management options, commission levels, and management fees.
  • Portfolio Managers who manage multiple accounts can get filled on their larger orders and volumes at price more effectively due to SGT’s deep liquidity and Direct Market Access. By efficiently filling manager orders, each Portfolio Managers retains maximum control over the commercial terms of each part of their business.

Unregulated Managers

If you are not currently regulated in your jurisdiction, SGT can help. By facilitating operating structures for unregulated managers, unregulated money managers can now set up their trading strategies under SGT, either in order to build a track record, or to execute trading strategies on their underlying clients’ accounts.

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