Introducing Brokers

SGT’s offshore jurisdiction enables us to onboard and setup complex strategies and trading programs in almost any jurisdiction faster and easier than most onshore brokerages can.


What is an IB?

Introducing Brokers might be a legal entity or a private individual who introduces new clients to SGT and is remunerated based on the earnings achieved from each introduction.

Introducing Brokers are typically third-party entities who market SGT’s products and services to their clients, usually through their own websites, webinars, trading education sites, personal networks etc.

Introducing Broker or Referring Agent?


Introducing Broker (IB)

An IB not only introduces new clients to SGT under his own management, but is also responsible for the trading, execution, operations of the underlying clients' accounts, and for maintaining an overview of the positions held on behalf of the clients introduced.


Referring Agent

Agents purely refer potential clients (such as brokers, banks, funds, managers and individual traders) that SGT might be able to work with, and are remunerated based on the earnings generated by each introduction.

Become a Referring Agent

With the IB Program, You Get:

Free Demo Trading Accounts

Empower your clients with a free practice account for traders to test out their trading strategies without any financial commitment or risk.

A Comprehensive Back Office

Track your client trading activity in real-time, and keep up to date on your clients’ trading positions and the income they have earned from each introduction.

Access to Dedicated Support

SGT's Dealing Desk, Compliance, IT and Client Services team is at your service so that you can focus on what earns you money: sales, marketing, and providing excellent customer support to your clients.

Upgrade & Grow

Why not upgrade to a White Label partner and start to build your own brand and industry recognition without the costs and resources normally required to develop and run your own trading solutions.

Personalised by Default

Introducing Broker remuneration packages are negotiated between SGT and each IB on a case-by-case basis. Fees are paid out monthly, via the IB’s agent account, and are based on live client trading activity. As an IB, you always have access to this account so that you can monitor your clients’ trading volumes whenever you wish.


Get Started

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