Prime Brokerage

Credit and pricing solutions for institutional clients looking for a more flexible prime broker partner.


Prime Brokerage Services


FX Prime Brokerage

In addition to our margin-based trading facilities, SGT leverages technology and credit access to the market through prime broker relationships to offer qualifying institutions customized liquidity solutions.

Access to FX liquidity is delivered through aggregated feeds which distribute pricing services from our LD4 data centre.


Multiple Market Participants

Gain access to a broad array of FX liquidity, including banks/ non-banks, ECNs and third-party electronic platforms.

SGT’s credit and settlement lines enable us to facilitate anonymous trading for trading on industry-leading spreads derived from optimized liquidity pools sourced from a number of leading institutions.

Bespoke Setup


For Growth

Grow your business with tailored solutions, while benefiting from expert support at every stage of the build out and beyond with best-in-class execution via advanced aggregation and smart-order routing technology.


For Risk

Our suite of tech and advisory solutions includes a pure “Matched Principal” business model that assumes no market risk. We are simply the conduit to all your pricing and liquidity needs.


For Success

Looking for tailored pricing and liquidity solutions? Get in touch with our institutional team today and talk to us about our Prime Brokerage solutions.