Referring Agents

A referring agent can be an individual or a company with the knowledge and network needed to introduce qualified new clients to SGT, but who doesn’t or may not be permitted to be involved in the day-to-day operations of client accounts.


Getting started as a referring agent is straightforward and fast. Simply complete the Agency account opening form to start your application. All referring agent enquiries will then be contacted by our Partnership team to discuss your business plans, a compensation package and how SGT can help you begin to refer prospects and clients.


How Much Can I Make?

Agents always ask us how much they can make introducing business to SGT, and the answer is always the same, remuneration is based on each introduced client’s trading volume. The more trading the clients introduced do each month, the more you can make.


How Can I See My Earnings?

Each qualified referring agent with SGT will be provided with his/her own trading account with view-only access which will display your live revenue streams from all of the clients you introduce to us, so you can track your earnings in real time.

Get Started

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