Signal Providers

Signal and social network trading has exploded in popularity in the world of currency trading, and this trend is not just for new currency traders who obviously benefit greatly from the “power of the pack” community environment, but also among professional trade groups with a heavy focus on research, network, and marketing.


The right broker?

Trade Leaders and Signal Providers are often indifferent to their subscribers’ choice of broker, but you and your clients may be missing out on substantial benefits. Let’s start with an obvious formula:

Lower Trading Costs + Better Execution

= Greater Returns

= Happier Clients

= Higher Acquisition & Retention Rates

Optimised Trading Conditions


By partnering with SGT, signal providers gain access to optimal trading conditions designed specifically for this new and exciting evolution of FX trading, which is good news for both you and your clients.


A dedicated price feed for your signal(s) ensures you are compensated on all volume generated on your signals.

And the cost of compensation will not be passed on to your clients; instead, you get paid from SGT’s portion of the revenue generated, which in turn may help you become more flexible/competitive in your pricing structure to your clients.


SGT has many partnerships in place already with VPN and EA connection experts to provide our signal trading clients with the best possible solution for your business. Get in touch to find out how we can help you.

Lower Costs & Higher Commissions = Win-Win

Would you like to know how SGT can optimise your signal trading business?