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Our Trading Platforms

No matter your trading style or requirements, SGT provides trading platforms that meet the needs of most institutional and private traders. From the perennially popular MT4 and MT5, to dedicated Crypto Options and USD Equity CFDs platforms, we've got you covered.



The market’s most popular forex and CFD trading software and an industry standard, complete with advanced analytical capabilities, multi-device operability and automated trading functions.

MT4 provides traders with the ability to trade via Expert Advisors (EAs), automate buy and sell orders directly on SGT Market’s MT4 Client Terminal, accessed by dedicated iOS, Android and Windows platforms.



MT5 presents a powerful trading system, consisting of features such as Market Depth, separate accounts for trades and orders, and support for different types of orders and modes of execution.

The mode of order accounting for forex trading is the hedging method and it allows you to open multiple positions in one financial instrument either in the same or opposite direction.



SGT also provides a MAM/PAMM trading platform for managing multiple clients’ accounts simultaneously and seamlessly distributing equity and trades across multiple accounts.

Institutional Technology



Experience SGT’s state-of-the-art price aggregation & execution technology and premium connectivity with expert 24-hour support.



Connect to Equinix London LD4, and institutional-level FX and CFD solutions with principal liquidity customization, bespoke risk management and intelligent order-routing features.

Platform Alternatives for Specialists


US Equity CFDs

Institutional clients can now trade US equity CFDs including equities not normally available as CFDs, in addition to the major US corporations.

There will be a focus on stocks that are “in play” for enhanced trade opportunities.

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Crypto Derivatives

Crypto-derived products such as crypto options, crypto-basket trading and crypto-basket lending are all underpinned by extreme market depth and liquidity enabling traders to diversify their portfolios effectively.

With fixed or flexible expiry dates and strike prices, the Crypto platform makes it easier to develop proprietary strategies for hedging or speculative positions.

Scalable Infrastructure

SGT’s servers are hosted in Equinix LD4 and NY4 data centres which better position traders to take advantage of low latency. Our MT4 servers are currently hosted in Equinix LD4 data centres with dedicated lines to ensure low latency and the fastest execution speed environment for managers and traders.

These dedicated lines are designed to facilitate a low-latency environment with ultra-fast data transfers, resulting in the fastest execution speeds. The fast execution speeds achieved through our low-latency environment offer the best trading conditions for traders all over the world ensuring orders are filled at the best possible price.

In trading, time is money and milliseconds matter

Global electronic financial markets are becoming increasingly competitive, which means that electronic trading systems and strategies are only as good as the infrastructure upon which they execute.


  • State-of-the-art price aggregation & execution technology
  • Premium connectivity with expert 24-hour support
  • Connectivity within Equinix London LD4 & New York NY4
  • PrimeXM Partner
  • FIX API and MT4 connectivity
  • Ultra-low Latency
  • Connectivity to Multiple ECNs
  • Bespoke Client Setups
  • Sophisticated pre- and post-trade allocation (MAM AND PAMM)

Technology Partnerships

With the experience of the management team at SGT, we know what you are talking about and can customize trading structures to meet your specific requirements.

Servicing Brokers, Professional Traders, Hedge Funds, High Frequency Traders, and Corporates, SGT provides a transparent, neutral, level playing field for all market participants.


Prime XCore

SGT is proud to be a part of PrimeXM XCore’s growing community of partners that facilitates the efficient and cost-effective exchange of liquidity between participants. PrimeXM’s XCore solution is integrated with over 120 industry leading liquidity sources, including tier-one banks, ECNs and Exchanges. This market depth gives our clients the freedom to choose the liquidity partners and venues they wish without technology constraining their decisions.


Centroid Solutions

Centroid Solutions specialises in technology solutions covering superior liquidity bridges, order execution management, risk management and trading server hosting. The team is comprised of professionals with a unique skillset and a wealth of industry experience, focused on providing the best solutions in the market and with a mindset to always improve. Centroid’s smart order-routing bridge and liquidity aggregation hub connects to liquidity takers via FIX API or directly via gateways from the most popular trading platforms.

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