A Smart Investment

When it comes to investing, it pays to put your money in the hands of professionals who understand the markets, and know how to create strategies that perform ... that's why we built trademakers.


An investment platform filled with expert trading strategies that add value to any portfolio


Every strategy is a fractionalised investment opportunity to invest in alternative assets


AUM in Alternative assets is growing at its fastest rate ever, outstripping traditional asset classes

Whether you trade yourself, or are looking to build a portfolio of professional investments with proven track records, SGT gives you the power to take control of your money

for smart traders

for ambitious investors

What Can I Invest In?

A growing suite of expert trading strategies in multiple asset classes, all managed by seasoned assets managers. Start building a more professional investment portfolio to help you achieve your investment goals.


Invest in "fractions" of an investment at a time, spreading your risk and diversifying your holdings in a professional portfolio


We Are Regulated

SGT is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Commission in the BVI.


We Are Trusted

SGT has been providing trading and investment services to international clients since 2006.


We Are Compliant

We are committed to meeting the Financial Services Commission's requirements in everything we do.

Build a more professional investment portfolio