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Why invest via SGT?

To invest in these types of institutional programs you traditionally had to invest a minimum of USD 100,000 or more. However, with SGT you can invest in ‘fractions’ of a typical investment size, giving you access to professional investments at a fraction of the normal minimum investment, but on the same terms as institutional and High Net Worth investors.


Low Entry Levels

Fractionalisation of investments means that anyone can invest in a program with a normal minimum investment of USD100,000 at a fraction of this amount. With SGT, you can participate in programs like this for just 10% of the usual minimum requirement, instead of having to commit to much higher entry points as you do with most programs.

SGT has fractionalized these investment programs so that ‘normal investors’ like most of us can participate in investment programs managed by professionals on the same conditions as High Net Worth and UHNW investors.


Reduced Fees

SGT has slashed the costs associated with investing in hedge funds and similar large-scale investment programs. Typically, you have to pay an entry fee, plus annual custodian fees but SGT’s unique infrastructure means that you don’t have to pay any of these fees to take part in our investment programs.

We believe individual investors should be able to invest on the same terms as UHNW and institutional client do – it’s a small step towards democratizing access to opportunity.


Partners & Commitment

Together with our advisory partners, we evaluate every fund and program rigorously before we launch them, and not every program qualifies. However, for those programs that do make the grade, SGT may also invest its own funds into each program, so that we participate on the same terms as you do – we think it’s only fair.

With over 27,000 hedge funds in the world, with a staggering USD 5.15 trillion assets under management, it can be a jungle to identify the right fund/investment program to invest in and very time-consuming too.


Experience & Reach

While SGT has been in business since 2006, its principals have each been in the investment business for over 30 years - with this comes great experience and relationships with outstanding investment managers who develop and manage investment programs for every risk profile.


Rapid Placement

As we have developed our own placement infrastructure, SGT can deliver faster liquidity for exit and entry into programs than most, meaning you can get in or out of an investment more quickly than ever. SGT has also developed daily, and for some programs, minute-by-minute charting performance feeds so you can monitor your investments’ performance in near real time.


Professional Managers

With our unique ‘fractionalised’ approach, you can now invest in professionally managed investment programs managed by market veterans with many years of experience, an existing proven track record of performance, and who normally only service HNW and UHNW clients. But with SGT, you can invest in specialist programs and managers on the same conditions as the world’s top 1%.

The Power of Partnership

SGT has partnered with JPFS (a Swiss-regulated Investment specialist) to make investment opportunities available to private and institutional clients via their trademakers brand that is 100% owned by JPFS.

trademakers provides direct access to diversified investment opportunities, both for digital and alternative investment strategies. Investments come in a range of risk parameters, provided by qualifying professional investment managers, and all with the protection of a secure, Swiss-regulated environment, allowing private and institutional investors to participate with confidence in the unstoppable rise of digital and alternative assets.


As an FSC-regulated broker, SGT provides secure custody services for all client assets in all investment programs.


JPFS is a Swiss investment firm that provides the advisory licenses and investment evaluations for each program/strategy on brand, and offered to investors via SGT.