It’s all well and good making a few bucks, but what then?

SGT Market Observations

As mentioned in my previous reports, I covered my short position on BTC at the 27,000 level. I would not be surprised if we saw this decline extend further, but I'd rather cash out and see what happens next.

Also, as mentioned in the last few reports, I remain short EURUSD around 1.10 and have lowered my protective stop to just below that level.

I expect this to break below 1.05 and return to par at some point this year, so I will lower my stop as the value of the Euro decreases.


I am also short of SP500 around current levels, based on the idea of "sell in May and go away", with a target of around 3700.

Uncomfortably, I have a sizeable stop on this position because there might be a short-term spike before it dips, but I will lower my stop as soon as prudently possible.

It appears that only the "Woke" companies are supporting these indices, but you know what they say, "Go Woke and Go Broke".


There are a few other things I am looking at, but it's best to concentrate on the markets I have recently mentioned.


The gold price is holding at reasonably high levels, and while there is potential for another break to the upside, I am not looking at disposing of what I have. It will stay buried in the garden for the foreseeable future.


Buying a few other commodities will pay off later in the year, so keep an eye on what's happening in that sector.

If you want to move outside the financial markets, I continue to like rural real estate with its own water supply, so when the real estate crash comes, there should be quite a few bargains on offer. Hopefully, some of you will take advantage of this.


For all you city-dwellers out there, a real estate crash will be severe because they will not get inflation under control to stop the inevitable defaults. We are currently in a situation of "so far, so good". But that is precisely what the stockbroker was heard to say, as he fell from the top of a tall skyscraper!


I remember when we had very high interest rates in the 80s, and many people compare those days to today.

That might be a dangerous thing to do because back then, house prices were much lower, and salaries were relatively higher. An average house back then would be around three times the annual salary. I have just returned from the UK, and house prices are about five times the yearly salary, so in real terms, there is much less wiggle room for younger owners.


As I read various reports written by humans or AI programs, I completely understand those who are grasping onto any snippets of news that could be positive for our economies.

That is all well and good for authors who like to add a positive spin to their output, but I prefer to call it as it is and allow readers to do what's necessary to protect themselves. If the situation is shit, tell 'em it's shit, and don't add a topping of sugar!


Long-term investments make little sense right now, as the outlook remains uncertain.

I have been hedged for over a year now, and I am only playing with money that has been taken out of the financial markets.


That said, even most of that I have put into the hands of other people, who are better placed to trade very short term than I am.


I firmly believe that short-term speculation with limited losses is the best way to approach financial markets because when you listen to most "Gurus", they are as lost as the rest of us.


Whether you are following Bloomberg or Black Rock, you must understand that the output is agenda driven, and what the well-paid talking heads say, might not be completely accurate.


I will underline this by stating that none of us knows what will happen in China, and none of us knows how what happens there will affect us over here.

Sure, we can guess and put a positive spin on what "might happen", but at the end of the day, spin is spin.

What I do know is that every time something significant has happened with the global economy, the West has lost, and China has won.

If you think that will change, think again.

The real story this week, although we cannot say it was unexpected, is that DeSantis is running against Trump.


Whilst I am sure many people will be happy about this, ultimately, this is just a sideshow.


As I see it, the Biden Administration or crime family, have done so much damage it matters very little who the next President will be because the economic rot is now too well set in.


Anyone who took the time to watch Janet Yellen's performance up on the Hill will know she hasn't got a clue what's going on, and her solution to the current predicament is to throw more fuel on the fire.

Sadly, she is not alone.


The Atomic fuel agency remains staunchly against atomic power, and those in charge of energy are against producing more energy unless it is subsidised wind or solar. They even went so far as to testify that renewable energy is less subsidised than fossil fuel: 'lies, damn lies and statistics'.


Over on this side of the pond, our economic woes all come from corrupt Russia's invasion of corrupt Ukraine. Indeed, sometimes when I listen to the European news, it sounds like we would all be bathing in asses milk if Russia hadn't invaded. What cobblers!


Europe is in a bad financial situation because our governments have wasted too much of our money buying our votes. Unlike the USA, the fascists in Brussels and their cronies in big business and the media have been able to hide bureaucratic mismanagement and theft because there is no opposition to the EU.

That means the woke agenda in Europe goes mostly unchallenged, and our borders are as equally porous as those in the USA.


However, they have been able to mask the terrible mess most of our banks are in, but I bet they will not be able to hide this mess much longer.

I am sure that in October, we will all hear that unless we welcome CBDC, our economies will take us back to the Dark Ages. And those who are reliant on government hand-outs and crumbs will quickly surrender any financial freedom we have left.


For this reason, I see everyone using CBDC before the end of 2028.


I will leave you with one famous quote:

"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is a government big enough to take away everything that you have."


That is the EU today. And take from us they will!

Until next time.

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