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Why trade with SGT?



SGT is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Commission.



SGT has been providing trading and investment services to international clients since 2006.



SGT has secured Professional Indemnity coverage for its FX and CFD trading underwritten by a Lloyds of London syndicate.


The Power of Oil

Oil and Energy commodities are vital drivers to the fuel and industry in general, and this makes energy one of the world’s most essential markets to participate in. Due to numerous economic and political reasons, the supply and demand for energy fluctuates constantly, and this volatility fuels interest from speculators and hedgers.


A Global Market

SGT provides trading execution in the Oil and Natural Gas markets, including UK Oil and US Oil. The range of commodity markets available on international exchanges provides active commodity traders with access to new opportunities nearly 24 hours a day, five days a week.


Market Participants

Oil and Energy commodities are used by importers and exporters, speculators, funds, trusts, money managers, banks and financial institutions to either hedge their exposure or to speculate on.

Thousands of traders across the globe rely on energy markets every day and this provides opportunities to seek profit from those markets.


Opening Hours

SGT provides access to tight pricing and flexible leverage options via its platforms and trading apps. When the market is open, SGT’s platforms are open. See the full product specification breakdown and opening hours for Energy CFDs.

Execution & Liquidity


Ultra-Fast Execution

Capitalise on our strong institutional relationships across the globe and gain access to deep liquidity pools and low latency connectivity.

Deep Liquidity

SGT is integrated with many leading liquidity sources, including tier-one banks, non banks, ECNs and Exchanges. This gives you the freedom to choose your liquidity partner and venues  without unnecessary technical constraints.

Aggregation Technology

With our cutting-edge aggregation engine, we empower our clients with the highest performing and most reliable trading experience in the market. Connectivity within Equinix London LD4.

Premium Service

Senior professionals tailor the service to your requirements and trading style, providing excellent execution and support.

Power & Control


A Choice of Platforms

Trade energy commodities on the world’s most popular trading platforms. Over the past 20 years, MT4 and MT5 have become the preferred platforms for many traders trading energy commodities.

Powerful Commodity Tools

Highly customisable charting tools with 21 timeframes and over 30 technical indicators, integrated trailing stops, and sophisticated risk management tools.

Trade Energy with SGT

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