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For decades, the prices of Precious Metals were relatively stable and traded in ranges. Over the past fifteen years, however, the prices of Spot Gold and Spot Silver significantly increased. Gold and silver are two of the four key precious metals to trade, which collectively are generally considered to be gold, silver, palladium, and platinum where gold and silver are the 2 most popular, and most traded metals.


Global Metal Market

Trading volumes for silver and gold world-wide are growing and the metals market itself is also experiencing something of a renaissance over the past few years with traders seeking returns from the relative stability of these markets. Aside from their use in jewellery, metals play an important role in applications such as engineering, electronics, and medicine which, in part, explains their continued relevance and importance.


Trading & Holding Metals

Central banks and hedge funds are among the biggest holders of gold globally, and countries like India currently have the biggest privately held gold reserves. The biggest reserves in Silver are found in Peru, Australia, and Poland. The global metals market is today dominated by speculative traders closely followed by the role they play in risk management for larger portfolios.


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