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FX Market Observation 26.07.22

Follow up on the earlier EURUSD 12th July observation, no really support at parity but bounced from there after low...

Equity Market Observation 11.07.22
DAX Index

Looking at the chart back till 2009 then it’s tempting to close short and go small long around the rising...

FX Market Observation 09.07.22

Follow up on the earlier EURUSD observation, the trendline back from 2002 broke earlier this year in March at around...

FX Market Observation 08.07.22

Having broken out of the triangle formation on daily chart, market has retested break level and now look setup to...

Equity Market Observation 08.07.22
Dow Jones

Follow up on earlier observation, Dow Jones tested the first FiBo support 23.6% and had as expected a bounce, technically...

Energy Market Observation 08.07.22

Having seen major gain after the Russian invasion. The chart shows well defined boundaries shown by the red lines. We...

Crypto Market Observation 07.07.22

Major technical damage was inflicted on break of the $28,000 area, with a sharp sell. Daily charts show a down...

The Old Man’s Views It’s holiday time, so no more doom and gloom?

The sun is shining, the holidaymakers are happy, and it's time to enjoy life. We are still far from seeing...

Metals Market Observation 06.07.22

Short rising trendline has been broken and we are looking for a test around 1700, the continuation pattern on momentum...

Equity Market Observation 06.07.22

Having broken trendline support and major topping formation at 14,800, market is retesting lows for this move around 12,500 level....

The Old Man’s Views Is the End of the World Nigh?

6-months later, and YouTube is suddenly awash with videos by esteemed oracles, claiming, "Most people do not know what's coming"....

Is June Rhyming with May?

Good afternoon, Just a quick note on the S&P 15 minute chart to highlight the similarities between May’s price action...

The Old Man’s Views To err is human, but you need a computer or a politician to mess up completely

I am not one for delving deep into every technical product's nitty-gritty. But it appears that there are a few...

The Old Man’s Views Nowhere to run to baby, nowhere to hide!

That’s a song by Martha Reeves and the Vandellas from 1965. It is also the current situation for the whole...

The Old Man’s Views Are We in an Investor’s Market or a Speculator’s Market?

Do you know enough about market movements to keep your money invested?   With a very impressive start to the...

The Old Man’s Views Questions We Need to Ask

In these crazy times when global economies are about to fall off the cliff, there are some questions we need...

The Old Man’s Views This Is Not the Time to Stick Your Head in the Sand. Be Pro-Active.

Before HODL came into the lexicon, we used to say, if in doubt, get out. With the short-term picture becoming...

The Old Man’s Views Happy Birthday to Me! …Or Is It?

Today, my oldest contract should have come into play. But the government cheated me by unilaterally changing the terms and...