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Equity Market Observation 26.10.22
DAX Index

After trading as low as 11800 in early October, we have seen corrective rally into the longer term down move...

The Old Man’s Views A Bizarre Week in the UK, But a Good Week for The Markets

Last week when I wrote, Liz Truss was still Prime Minister, and Jeremy Hunt had just become Chancellor, which I...

BMAMS: Reducing Portfolio Risk

Hello friends - today I'm going to talk to you about creating our portfolio and how we take our individual...

Cromwell FX Market View Truss Resigns BoJ Intervenes

Last week was a volatile week as UK politics came to a head with Prime Minster Truss resigning and a...

Crypto Market Observation 25.10.22

Despite the bearish sentiment, BTC has been holding below the 20,000 level for some time and we could soon see...

The Old Man’s Views The UK government is “flummoxed”. So am I!

That's a fine word for non-native English speakers.   In modern-day usage, it is the state of mind of politicians....

SGT Markets is looking for a Technical Trading Specialist

SGT is a fast-growing, multi-asset broker looking for an experienced technical person to join our team and work closely with...

SGT Launches Fractionalized Investment Strategies

Sterling Gent Trading Ltd (SGT), a licensed and regulated broker-dealer helping private and institutional clients achieve their ambitions is delighted...

Cromwell FX Market View US CPI Pressures Risk Assets

Last week the US CPI print was the spark that moved the risk assets lower. Year on year inflation dropped...

Equity Market Observation 12.10.22
Nasdaq Index

Nasdaq observation follow up broke our support level 11,000 and second target 10,500 came close to be tested, rebounded to...

The Old Man’s Views How are we going to cope when the lights go off?

In the digital age, electric power is the lifeblood of our society; without it, all hell breaks loose.   Although,...

Cromwell FX Market View Strong Payrolls Spur USD Strength

Last week we had the US Payrolls numbers. The strong numbers continued to push the USD higher although the level...

The Old Man’s Views With the world going to shit, let’s keep it light-hearted this week

Lenin said, "There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen". For a political junkie like...

FX Market Observation 04.10.22

EURUSD is now testing the last break point around 0.99, looking at the past we have seen test of breaking...

Cromwell FX Market View BOE Intervenes

Last week we continued to see elevated levels of volatility. GBP came under initial selling pressure early in the week...

FX Market Observation 30.09.22

Cable (GBPUSD) has broken below an almost 30 year support line, this is a substantial break and its heading towards...

Crypto Market Observation 29.09.22

ETH tried to break above the neckline but failed, small shooting star with a toppish momentum is not a good...

Equity Market Observation 29.09.22
Nasdaq Index

Nasdaq has tested our support level at 11,000 and looks like it wont be long before breaking, will it hit...