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Crypto Market Observation 07.07.22

Major technical damage was inflicted on break of the $28,000 area, with a sharp sell. Daily charts show a down...

The Old Man’s Views It’s holiday time, so no more doom and gloom?

The sun is shining, the holidaymakers are happy, and it's time to enjoy life. We are still far from seeing...

Metals Market Observation 06.07.22

Short rising trendline has been broken and we are looking for a test around 1700, the continuation pattern on momentum...

Cromwell FX Market View Relief Rally Falters; US Dollar Returns

Last week saw the relief rally end as sell the rise came back into play. The US Dollar once again...

Equity Market Observation 06.07.22

Having broken trendline support and major topping formation at 14,800, market is retesting lows for this move around 12,500 level....

The Old Man’s Views Is the End of the World Nigh?

6-months later, and YouTube is suddenly awash with videos by esteemed oracles, claiming, "Most people do not know what's coming"....

Digital Asset Insights Digital Asset Insights #73

What is the fate of cryptocurrencies as the bearish trend continues towards its lowest in history? How do you safely...

Cromwell FX Market View Relief Rally After Central Banks Move

Last week the relief rally people had been expecting finally came. As markets looked to digest the moves of the...

Digital Asset Insights Digital Asset Insights #72

Those who follow the predictions have nothing to fear about digital assets plummeting. Safely investing in the right cryptocurrencies is...

Is June Rhyming with May?

Good afternoon, Just a quick note on the S&P 15 minute chart to highlight the similarities between May’s price action...

The Old Man’s Views To err is human, but you need a computer or a politician to mess up completely

I am not one for delving deep into every technical product's nitty-gritty. But it appears that there are a few...

Cromwell FX Market View Central Banks Make Their Move

Last week saw the central banks look to tighten further as inflationary pressures continue to loom. The Fed was particularly...

Digital Asset Insights Digital Asset Insights #71

With crypto prices plummeting to the dismay of many investors, what should you do and how do you trade smartly...

Cromwell FX Market View Return of The Dollar

Last week major markets were rangebound till later in the week. Stagflation fears rose as the usually cautious ECB pre...

The Old Man’s Views Nowhere to run to baby, nowhere to hide!

That’s a song by Martha Reeves and the Vandellas from 1965. It is also the current situation for the whole...

The Old Man’s Views Are We in an Investor’s Market or a Speculator’s Market?

Do you know enough about market movements to keep your money invested?   With a very impressive start to the...

Cromwell FX Market View US Dollar Rebounds. Markets Look For Direction

Last week the US dollar reversed the decline seen over the last couple of weeks. Modest gains were made as...

Digital Asset Insights Digital Asset Insights #69

What do you think about the crypto market? What digital asset is worth the investment? What was the best price...