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The Old Man’s Views You know the strange thing about getting older?

Although you find it difficult to see things close up, your vision of things further away seems to improve significantly....

Cromwell FX Market View US Dollar Grinds Higher

Last weeks rising yields continued. This led to a week of further downward pressure in bonds and interest rate rises....

Digital Asset Insights #62 Are the Major Digital Coins Prepping for a New Bull Run?

The crypto market was busy last week with so many surprises. Stay informed with the latest predictions through this newsletter...

The Old Man’s Views We know more regulation is coming, so you had better get used to it

This week, I have been in Lisbon, catching up with a few people and chewing the fat with some of...

Cromwell FX Market View Sleepy Start, Explosive End

The week started as the following had ended. Markets were relatively quiet. The war in Ukraine had continued to ebb...

Digital Asset Insights #61 Digital Assets Volatility Hits New Highs

There have been some swings in the crypto market in the past seven days you should be aware of know...

The Old Man’s Views The Western world is committing Economic suicide

Firstly, it kicks Russia out of SWIFT, which means Russia will no longer sell its oil and other commodities in...

Cromwell FX Market View Quieter Week – But Eye of The Storm?

The week was quieter on many fronts. The continued war in Ukraine has now seems to have completely stalled for...

Digital Asset Insights #60 The Best Performing Assets of the Week Will Surprise You!

Here is what to look out for in the Crypto Market as the Trading Session Starts. BITCOIN (BTC) At the...

The Old Man’s Views You Gotta Jiggy with It!

My mate Adam has been telling me that a report is like a penis: If it's too long, it is...

Cromwell FX Market View Rising Yields a Cause for Concern

The war in Ukraine seemed to move from the spotlight as any developments continued to stall the main themes for...

Digital Asset Insights #59 Digital Assets Take Off

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple all driven by strong bullish sentiments as the digital asset industry looks set for a bountiful...

The Old Man’s Views I Am Getting the Feeling That Cryptocurrencies are Going to Remain in the Doldrums for Some Time to Come

I am not being negative towards the industry, because there is no chance cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology will not continue...

The Old Man’s Views Why Are You Reading This?

If you are anything like me, you are reading reports hoping that you will find a snippet of information that...

Cromwell FX Market View War Stalls and Fed Hikes

The week saw the current war in Ukraine stall. With this we saw the Euro gain slight momentum   GBP...

Digital Asset Insights #58 Updated: What Your Relationship with Bitcoin Says About You

BITCOIN (BTC) Bitcoins opened the week trading above $37,793 which is a slight climb from where it had been trading...

The Old Man’s Views Never underestimate the power of small people with a good idea and a few cans of beer!

Usually, when I am about to write, I typically have a list of 3 or 4 topics that I can...

Cromwell FX Market View Markets Remain Stable Ahead of Fed

The week saw some level of stabilisation after the previous 2 weeks of roller coaster markets. Ukraine continued to dominate...