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BoJ Intervenes to Shore Up Yen

Last week we saw a reversal of the dollar strength which saw once again market expectations of 2 or more...

SGT Chart Book 06.05.24

Last Week's Highlights US Job data (non-farm payroll: NFP) Job growth slowed and unemployment ticked higher last month. U.S. employers...

When things go wrong or the markets become quiet, we must put in more effort

While Gold seems to be holding steady for now, the lustre has faded from BTC. As we step into May,...

Preserving and Accumulating Wealth in the S&P 500

This Tuesday (4/30/2024) was a great reminder of how actively managing S&P 500 risk in both directions can help you...

Time to stop cheering the wrong people! You can’t trust anyone!

This week, I aimed to delve into the potential risks posed by Black Rock and examining how they've reshaped the...

Mastering Market Predictions: A Beginners Guide to Elliott Wave

The Elliott Wave Theory (EWT) stands as a distinguished method of technical analysis, deployed extensively to forecast price movements within...

Yen Collapse; FOMC in Focus

Last week we saw the expected de-escalation in the Iran – Israel war and a risk on rally ensued. The...

Yen Collapse; FOMC in Focus

Last week we saw the expected de-escalation in the Iran - Israel war and a risk on rally ensued. The...

3D Bull & Bear Monthly Update – March 2024

The S&P 500 closed the month of March 2024 at its highest monthly closing price in history and has now...

SGT Chart Book 29.04.24

Last week saw a reversal in US Equites as the markets absorbed the geopolitical news; confinement and US earnings seems...

Beware the Social Media Mirage

Beware the Social Media Mirage: Navigating Capital Markets Amidst the Influencer Deluge” In the age of the internet, information flows...

Deciphering the BEP20 Network: What is a Smart Chain?

The BEP20 network, a cornerstone of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), extends the Ethereum ERC-20 standard, introducing a robust blueprint...

The halving of bitcoin and other ramblings

While it's true that the cryptocurrency space is often filled with bullish sentiment and lofty price predictions, it's crucial to...

SGT Chart Book 22.04.24

Geopolitical concerns, Israel/Iran and inflation, future rate cuts in US dominate the week's narrative.   Nasdaq: Worst week since 2022,...

3D Bull & Bear Monthly Update – February 2024

The S&P 500 continued its historic run in February and finished the month at an all-time monthly closing high. February...

What on Earth is Normal?

"Normal" is a massive word that means very little. I hear people talking about a return to normal levels of...

How Does Airdrop Crypto Work? A Step-by-Step Guide

Airdrop crypto has become a staple marketing strategy for new cryptocurrency projects, aiming to distribute tokens directly to users' wallets...

SGT Chart Book 15.04.24

Key Market Drivers Inflation and geopolitical worries were once again the focus of the week. We are getting further risk...