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The Old Man’s Views From Marxist Methane to Foreign Farm – and a Few Things In-between

I thought about starting this week's report commenting on Joe Biden emitting his unique methane in front of the Duchess...

Cromwell FX Market View Central Bank Surprise?

Central banks pushed back against the markets hawkish interest rate expectations last week. RBA started the week and set the...

Digital Asset Insights #40 Will Shiba Inu Keep Rising?

Shiba Inu has surpassed the expectations of many cryptocurrency traders. Everyone wants to know if it can keep growing. So...

The Old Man’s Views Old men, power and COP26

The more I hear from the young, dynamic guys out there - those who use technology to create a positive...

Cromwell FX Market View Euro selloff to continue? Fed and BOE meet

The Euro ended the week as one of the worst performers as the post ECB rally faded. Markets see the...

The Digital Asset Landscape October 2021

October 2021 In Review The month of October saw the whales bouncing high out of the water from last month’s...

Digital Asset Insights #39 Shiba Inu Reaches a New All-Time High: Unstoppable!

The Shiba Inu coin finally reached an all-time high (ATH) of $0.00004926 on October 26th, with a market cap dominance...

The Old Man’s Views More regulations could be the problem!

You cannot discuss this business with anyone working in it, without the discussion turning to rules and regulations. How, without...

Cromwell FX Market View Dollar drifted as Fed taper all but confirmed

The US dollar drifted lower throughout the week continuing its negative correlation with risk assets. Optimism in risk assets meant...

Digital Asset Insights #38 Proshares Bitcoin Strategy ETF Debut Captures Close to $1 Billion in Volume

Proshares Bitcoin Strategy exchange-traded fund (BITO) launched early last week, and it did well on its first day, closing at...

The Old Man’s Views Beijing Biden and the Coming Big Bang

I’m running my computer and router on a generator because the power is off. What the hell is going on?...

Cromwell FX Market View Strong Energy and Commodities Dominate

The Yen selloff continued through the week as a broader risk on strategy was adopted which spilled over into USD...

The Old Man’s Views How to piss off your Peers? Here’s how.

For many years, since I moved to Portugal, I have learned to keep my work and my private relationships much...

Digital Asset Insights #37 NYC’s Penn Station transformed into the largest public crypto NFT sale

An interactive art sale featuring over fifty digital NFTs, accessible by QR code, ensured that crypto fever reached all the...

The Old Man’s Views Oh, Joe! What did you do?

The great thing about internet searching is the algorithms that keep presenting you with the content it thinks you will...

Cromwell FX Market View NFP disappoint but USD remains in control

Despite a disappointing NFP on Friday the Dollar remained generally in control during the week. Yen lost across the board...

Digital Asset Insights #36 Bullish? Bitcoin Long-Term Holder Supply Shock Ratio Goes to New Highs

Early last week, citing data from analytics company Glassnode, popular crypto strategic commentator Will Clemente outlined the significant trend change of long-term...

The Old Man’s Views Lords and Ladies of the Speculative World

Summer is over, it is time to look at the bright new future ahead. Having been wheeled out of my...