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Cromwell FX Market View Greenback Returns to Dominance

The USD gained across the board as stocks continued to falter. This led to a broader stronger greenback. NZD was...

Digital Asset Insights #35 Ethereum Regains Strength, Why $3,200 is The Key for More Upsides

Early last week, Ethereum started a strong increase from the $2,750 support zone, and the price is now trading above...

The Digital Asset Landscape September 2021

September 2021 In Review The beginning of September saw Whales rushing in to purchase BTC even as the markets dipped...

The Old Man’s Views I’m Back!

I’ve now been in the world of Capital Markets for almost 50 years, and the current environment is a million...

Cromwell FX Market View Yen loses as Fed remains Hawkish

The USD was mostly flat against European pairs as continued issues around gas supply and the risk of inflation muted...

Digital Asset Insights #34 1.6 million Salvadorans Now Using Bitcoin Chivo Wallet

The president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, tweeted that the adoption of the nation’s recently launched Bitcoin app, Chivo Wallet,...

Digital Asset Insights #33

Ukraine Adopts New Law To Legalize Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies Ukraine is the latest to join the growing list of...

Cromwell FX Market View USD Ascendancy Continues China’s Worries

USD and JPY were the key winners as risk of sentiment in stock continued throughout the week. China’s Evergrande continued...

Digital Asset Insights #32

7 out of 10 Salvadorans want to repeal the new Bitcoin (BTC) law Seven out of every ten Salvadoran citizens...

Digital Asset Insights #31

Bitcoin ‘whale’ behaviour that preceded April’s $64,000 high is back So, just what are Bitcoin whales doing lately? These holders...

The Digital Asset Landscape August 2021

August 2021 In Review What a month! The month of August continued the brutal struggle between the bulls and bears...

Digital Asset Insights #30

Emerging markets like Nigeria, Kenya led 880% global crypto growth in 2021 A recently published report by on-chain research firm...

Digital Asset Insights #29

Total crypto market cap back above $2 trillion, FUD now a distant memory The total crypto market cap edged above $2...

Digital Asset Insights #28

US senator says proposed crypto laws are a ‘huge mistake’ United States Senator Mike Lee of Utah has raised concerns...

Digital Asset Insights #27

Dogecoin (Doge), Bitcoin (BTC) recover after brief early Monday, August 2nd sell off Bitcoin and Dogecoin lost over 5% each last Sunday night...

Digital Asset Insights #26

US FEDS WANT TO TAME ‘WILDCAT’ STABLECOINS LIKE TETHER AND USDC A professor of finance at Yale, Gary Gorton, and...

Digital Asset Insights #25

Diamond auctioned for $12 million worth of crypto at Sotheby’s The famous auction house, Sotheby, announced early last week that it had...

Digital Asset Insights #24

ETH bumps ahead of Ethereum ‘London’ upgrade. But what’s it about? Ethereum touched just shy $2.4k early last week, making...