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Digital Asset Insights #05 Ghana launches CBDC and Blockchain Tales from Wyoming

Traders, investors, and enthusiasts of the digital currency community experienced what seems to be a downer this week. The week's...

Basic Attention Token

What is the Basic Attention Token? BAT stands for "Basic Attention Token." BAT is (first of all) a utility token...

Digital Asset Insights #04 Bitcoin ETFs explode and BTC hits $57K

The highlight of the week was the uptick of the number one digital currency - Bitcoin (BTC) hitting a new...

Digital Asset Insights #03 Elon Musk’s Rants and De-Fi on the move

In recent weeks, Ethereum has been in the news non-stop, owing to the release of the new Ethereum 2.0, the...

Doge Coin – A User Manual

What Is Doge coin and its history? Doge coin (DOGE) is a distributed, open-source digital currency. It is viewed as...

Digital Asset Insights #02 Dogecoin Pumps & Dumps

The digital world this week was not only eventful but also filled with a lot of surprises. Thanks to immutability,...

The Risks and Benefits of Trading Digital Currencies

Monthly Newsletter Over the years, trading digital currencies has become more than just a hobby or a way of earning...

Digital Asset Insights #01 BTC explodes after Musk tweets

Top cryptocurrency surges to reach a new high last seen on the 19th of January as billionaire Elon Musk changes...

Digital Assets Investing for Everyone

Jillian Godsill, one of the top 100 Blockchain leaders globally, interviews Co-CEOs Peter Kristensen and Adam Hill about the launch...

The Future of Finance

How will technology change the way we trade, invest and pay? Peter Kristensen addresses these questions and evaluates the impact...