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SGT Chart Book

Last week's highlights: Fed chair Powell says "Fed to move carefully on rates". The main points: The Fed is prepared...

How speculation has evolved during my career

Speculation has long been a driving force in financial markets, shaping investment decisions and influencing economic trends. Over the past...

Understanding the Distinction Between Physical Trading, Futures Trading, and CFD Contracts

In the realm of financial markets, different types of trading instruments are available to investors and traders. Three common forms...

SGT Chart Book

Last week's headlines: US Stock: The Dow ended the week lower by 2.2%, its worst since March. Meanwhile, the S&P...

A Month for Reminiscing

On August 2nd, 1974, a young 17-year-old, a very rough, working-class kid, took a bus to Fenchurch Street in the...

Understanding the Average Directional Index (ADX) Indicator: A Powerful Tool for Trend Analysis

In the world of trading and investing, accurately assessing the strength of a trend is crucial for making informed decisions....

SGT Chart Book

Debate continues on some key topics keeping some good volatility in these summer markets. Is the summer rally running out...

Reducing Trading Costs and Mitigating Risks: A Comprehensive Guide to Effective Risk Management in Trading

Introduction In the world of trading, maximizing profits while minimizing losses is the ultimate goal. However, achieving this balance is...

Last week of July, first week of August. What a great time to downgrade the USA!

Something strange happened last week when the most powerful country in the world, the USA, got downgraded. Usually, this kind...

SGT Chart Book

The main themes from last week for anyone who missed out. A drop in US Bond prices after the Fitch...

When you get it wrong, you get it wrong… or do you?

The strength in equity markets surprises me to no end. I don't have exposure to these markets, so it's not...

Mastering the Art of Crypto Trading: Where to Start and Which Indicators to Use

In recent years, the world of finance has witnessed the rise of cryptocurrencies, and with it, the emergence of a...

Unlocking the Secrets of EMA: Demystifying the Meaning and Power of Price Movements

In the world of trading, there are numerous technical indicators that traders use to analyze market trends and make informed...

SGT Chart Book

Last week, the Fed and the European Central Bank (ECB) implemented another 25-basis point hike, raising the rate to 5.5%...

Markets and Madness: Getting back onto the Saddle

As my much-needed rest and recuperation comes to an end, it's time to dive back into the quirky world of...

Unlocking Hidden Potential: The Advantages of Smaller Funds from Boutique Investment Firms

Having spent decades in the financial markets, working with some of the largest and most renowned investment houses, I have...

SGT Chart Book

Wednesday 26th July will see the Fed announce its next interest rate decision. The consensus is for a further 25...

Unleashing Prosperity: Embracing Innovation Over ESG

When we examine the achievements of successful individuals, like Larry Fink and his impressive creation of BlackRock, we cannot help...