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Bollinger Bands: A Comprehensive Guide to Using Them in Trading

In the world of technical analysis, Bollinger Bands have emerged as one of the most popular and versatile indicators for...

The Curious Case of a Rising Stock Market in a Sluggish Economy

In the realm of finance, it is not uncommon to witness peculiar market phenomena that defy conventional wisdom. One such...

SGT Chart Book

Last week saw both US CPI and PPI inflation numbers coming in better than expected. US10 YEAR Having broken out...

The Menace of Political Propaganda: Undermining Investment Decisions in a World of Biased Information

In the intricate realm where politics and markets intersect, the impact of political propaganda cannot be underestimated. As a young...

The old man got screwed last week, thank god!

There is nothing worse than an old man in pain, especially a cynical old bastard who is still trying to...

MACD Divergence: A Powerful Indicator for Trading with Price Action

As a trader, I am always on the lookout for new and effective indicators that can help me make better...

Navigating Investment Markets with Caution: Understanding the Summer Months

Investment markets are famous for their ups and downs, influenced by various factors that can impact your gains or losses....

SGT Chart Book: Hiring Slows Down in June

Last week's focus was on economic data released Friday which showed that US employers added 209,000 workers in June, down...

Unveiling the Best Moving Average for Day Trading: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction to Moving Averages for Day Trading As a day trader, one of the most important tools in your arsenal...

SGT Chart Book

We are halfway through a very interesting year. A look at the global equity markets shows a large disparity. The...

July Trading Notification

With the upcoming holiday in the US on 4th July, we wanted to let you know what the trading hours...
SGT Market Observations

It Appears BTC Is Coming of Age

Sometimes you come across a comment of value regarding BTC and crypto trading; beyond the unqualified, 'buy it because it's...

Is Artificial Intelligence Biased?

Artificial Intelligence: Why does it completely dodge or ignore the point you want to make? Whilst I remain bed ridden;...

SGT Chart Book

NASDAQ NASDAQ held the previous tops identified last week, which is probably the catalyst for further upside momentum traders to...
SGT Market Observations

Understanding the Distinctions: Investing, Speculating, and Gambling

In the world of finance, terms like investing, speculating, and gambling are often used interchangeably, leading to confusion and misunderstandings....
SGT Market Observations

The Importance of Risk Management in Financial Trading

Financial markets offer vast opportunities for profit, attracting countless individuals eager to capitalize on their potential. However, amidst the allure...

SGT Chart Book

SP500 Having come through a week seeing CPI release and the FOMC announcement of "No Rate Change", the upward trend...

Oh, the woes of finding something to preach about!

It seems that lately, my attention has been pulled in every direction except for the business at hand. Don't get...