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SGT Chart Book

A few points to note by way of introduction: The premium investors demand to be compensated for taking the additional...

Can we fix it? No, it’s completely FUBAR!

I spoke to some old heads, people who have been around longer than Ethereum, and we discussed how long speculative...

SGT Chart Book

The main news events from last week is that the US debt ceiling politics are now in the rear view...

How much fun can I have with this short report?

Guess what? I'm about to go AWOL, leaving the hectic markets behind for a few weeks. But don't worry, my...

SGT Chart Book

The main theme of the past week has been the debt ceiling negotiations, and at the time of writing it...
SGT Market Observations

It’s all well and good making a few bucks, but what then?

As mentioned in my previous reports, I covered my short position on BTC at the 27,000 level. I would not...

Making money is easy, it’s the storing of wealth that is difficult

As mentioned in my previous reports, I finally covered my short position on BTC at the 27000 level, giving me...

SGT Chart Book

DXYUSD The U$ index saw a rally last week as the markets followed the debt ceiling negotiations ahead of a...

A generation of surrender monkeys, making money by helping the government steal it

Being raised by people who lived and fought during WWII, it can be no surprise I look at things differently...
SGT Market Observations

Try not to get fooled by analysts and traders who are out to abuse you

I am pleased that I came into the investment business when we paid brokers for advice, as if I had...

SGT Chart Book

USA30 After the spike above the down trendline, the market has sold off and we are now seeing a period...

A new monarch, a new era?

The new Monarch, prompted calls to abolish the Monarchy. But haven’t we had enough of instability, and pointless sideshows? Not...

The future is here, and it is not pretty

Artificial intelligence is the day's headline news, with people flooding to use ChatGPT and similar programs. Artificial intelligence (AI) is...

SGT Chart Book

USA30 D: After selling off to below 33,000 earlier in the week, the market has turned up and looks like...

More Lines than Hunter Biden’s…

Many of today's charts have more lines than a mirror in Hunter Biden's bedroom.   When I started, we plotted...

SGT Chart Book

EURUSD Weekly Chart Many market participants are talking about the retest of the broken weekly trendline and that this could...

Where is Technology Taking Us?

Apparently, I am not the only old fart who is worried about the direction technology is taking us all!  ...

SGT Chart Book

USA500 4hour After a choppy range bound week, we can see the market testing the short-term uptrend line currently around...