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Unlike more traditional brokers, SGT opens its doors to individuals and businesses from most countries around the world.

One of the major reasons why our clients and partners choose SGT is that we’re based in the British Virgin Islands, a business-friendly location for institutions and individuals looking to invest and trade on higher leverage, lower capital requirements, and more flexible trading conditions, than many other locations.


Fortunately, the Financial Services Commission in the BVI, which SGT has been regulated by since we opened our doors for the first time in 2006, is a forward-thinking and business friendly regulator. The FSC helps us stay fully compliant with all applicable legislation and regulations, while we make it simple and easy for our clients and business partners grow their businesses and portfolios with us.

Who do we work with?

We keep a public list of countries whose nationals, citizens and residents we cannot work with and publish this on our website to make it quick and easy for people to see if we can work with them or not.

The full list of Restricted Countries is here:


In short, if you are a national of one of these countries, if your ID is from one of them, or if you live in one, or your bank or company is in one of them, we (probably) cannot work with you.


Some of the countries we get asked about are below*, and SGT works with them all:

Albania, Argentina, Aruba, Bahrain, Bonaire, Saint Eustatius and Saba, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Cayman Islands, Chile, China, Curacao, Cyprus, Egypt, French Guiana, French Polynesia, Georgia, Guadeloupe, Guernsey, India, Indonesia, Isle of Man, Jersey, Jordan, Kuwait, Martinique, Mauritius, Mayotte, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Oman, Réunion Island, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Martin, Serbia, Seychelles, Sint Maarten, South Africa, Taiwan, Turkey, Uruguay.

* Subject to license checks and local conditions, partners and individuals can open accounts with us.

Over-Regulation Encourages Change

“We are seeing a significant uptick in the number of partnership enquiries from a lot of firms looking for a trading and investment partner that can help them grow, without drowning in bureaucracy. That's what we do. We help our partners comply with all the laws and regs, but we make it easy and fast for them to work with us and grow their business efficiently.”

Martyn Price, CEO at SGT

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