Unleash your Earning Potential

Join a global network of traders, money managers and specialist providers when you partner with SGT – we’ve been helping our partners unleash their potential since 2006.


Why Partner with SGT


We've been a trusted broker/dealer to our partners
for nearly 20 years.


Get your own customised commission and rebate plan.


Introduce your best traders to our investment platform trademakers - and earn commissions from every dollar every investor places with your traders.


Build your business profile with video interviews via our video marketing network with over 2m traders and investors worldwide.


Get unique referral links, marketing materials and CRM access to monitor your earnings and referrals in real time.


Get expert support in growing your business from our dedicated Partnership team.


Need a MAM and PAMM account? We’ve got you covered there too.

What SGT Delivers

The world’s most popular trading platforms – MT4 and MT5 as well FIX API connections to multiple asset classes.

Ultra-competitive spreads, fast and secure payments, and low trading costs on FX, CFDs and Cryptocurrencies.

100% automated account opening and KYC - onboard your clients in less than 5 mins.

Your clients can put their money to work in professional investments from just $5,000 via our unique investment marketplace: trademakers.

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Earn More as a Partner


Scalable Commissions

The bigger the trading volumes, the more you earn.


Volume-based Rebates

The bigger the trading volumes, the bigger your rebate.


Bankable Payments

The bigger the trading volumes, the more quickly you get paid. Choose how often you want to get paid – daily, weekly or monthly (in fiat or crypto).

Are You Ready to Partner?


You have a clear strategy to attract and convert prospects.


You can apply as an Individual or a Business.


You can be self-regulated, or we can provide you with regulatory coverage.


Need an LPOA to trade your clients’ accounts on their behalf? Not a problem.

What Kind of Partner Are You?

SGT works with a number of specialists. Here’s just a few examples of people we work with:

Investment Advisors

Money Managers

Market Analysts

Trading Signals Providers

Expert Advisor (EA) Providers

Online Marketers

Education & Training Providers

How to Become a Partner


Get in touch and we’ll arrange an interview with one of our partner specialists.


We’ll discuss your business strategy, goals and requirements.



If there’s a match, we’ll agree terms with you and get you signed up as a partner.


You'll get access to your new partner account and referral links as soon as you're approved.

Talk to us today about becoming a Partner

Pop in your email address and let's set up a call.