SGT Launches Fractionalized Investment Strategies


Sterling Gent Trading Ltd (SGT), a licensed and regulated broker-dealer helping private and institutional clients achieve their ambitions is delighted to launch Fractionalized Investment Strategies in partnership with Swiss investment specialists,

Fractionalization makes it possible for the ‘rest of us’ to participate in investment programs which historically have only been available to the ultra-wealthy and large, financial institutions. What SGT and JPFS have done is to make it possible to invest in a ‘fraction’ of a program instead of the full amount, thus removing the high barrier to entry.

At one stroke, these two firms have increased financial inclusion by opening up access to previously inaccessible asset classes and professional strategies to a far broader investor base than ever before.

Peter Kristensen, CFO at SGT, said: “We are democratising access to opportunity by making it possible for the rest of the world to invest on the same terms as the financial giants have done for decades. With the right approach to risk management, deep tech integration, and a global network of professional money managers, SGT is positioning itself as a provider of choice for newcomers and market pros.”

The Future Is Fractionalised

Traditionally, to invest in these types of institutional programs you had to invest a minimum of USD 100,000 or more and be qualified as a professional investor.

However, with trademakers you can invest in ‘fractions’ of a typical investment size, giving you access to professionally managed investments and funds at a fraction of the normal minimum investment, but on the same terms as institutional and High Net Worth investors.

What Can I Invest In?

Build your own portfolio from a range of programs in different asset classes, including foreign exchange, commodities, equities, cryptocurrencies, and other investment vehicles, including investment accounts and fund structures.

How Does It Work?

Trademakers is the showcase brand for all investment programs offered under JPFS. Users can view performance data and risk evaluation for all strategies before choosing the one(s) they want to invest in.

Users then open an account at SGT and sign a simple agreement to invest in any program offered on trademakers, deposit funds and begin building their own portfolios of professionally managed investment strategies.

Who’s Who?

JPFS provides the advisory licenses and investment evaluations for each program/strategy on trademakers, and offered to investors via SGT.

As an FSC-regulated broker, SGT provides secure custody services for all client assets in all investment programs.

Security & Oversight

These third-party investment programs are either audited and operated under their own licenses, or under license provided by JPFS, which is our regulated investment firm in Switzerland. JPFS can provide a regulatory umbrella for those managers that do not have their own regulatory licensing, provided of course that each program meets the group’s rigorous evaluation and selection criteria.

Adam Hill, COO at SGT said: “For those programs that do make the grade, we also invest our own funds into each program on the same terms as our clients – we think it’s only fair.”

Key Takeaways

  • SGT launches fractionalised investments and the promise of more democratic access to market opportunities in partnership with leading Swiss investment firm JPFS;
  • Fractionalized investments open up opportunities for a much wider set of smaller-scale investors who can enjoy the same investment conditions as high net worth individuals, funds and institutional investors;
  • Clients can take back control of their portfolio with access to professional programs in multiple asset classes and with a variety of risk parameters.

About SGT.

SGT has been helping clients and partners capitalise on multi-asset trading and investing opportunities for nearly 20 years. A history that has enabled us to achieve significant milestones on our journey from a small trading company to the international trading and investment group we are today.

“If you want to know the road ahead, ask someone who has travelled it.”

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