SGT Market Observations

Understanding the Distinctions: Investing, Speculating, and Gambling

By Tony Westfallen / 20 Jun 2023

In the world of finance, terms like investing, speculating, and gambling are often used interchangeably, leading to confusion and misunderstandings. While they all involve risk and the potential for financial gain or loss, it is crucial to understand the key differences…

SGT Market Observations

The Importance of Risk Management in Financial Trading

By Tony Westfallen / 19 Jun 2023

Financial markets offer vast opportunities for profit, attracting countless individuals eager to capitalize on their potential. However, amidst the allure of financial gains, it is crucial to recognize the indispensable role of risk management.

SGT Market Observations

It’s all well and good making a few bucks, but what then?

By Tony Westfallen / 25 May 2023

As mentioned in my previous reports, I covered my short position on BTC at the 27000 level. I would not be surprised if we saw this decline extend further, but I’d rather cash out and see what happens next.

SGT Market Observations

Try not to get fooled by analysts and traders who are out to abuse you

By Tony Westfallen / 17 May 2023

I am pleased that I came into the investment business when we paid brokers for advice, as if I had to rely on the stuff issued across social media, I would never learn a thing.

Portfolio Diversification

Portfolio Diversification: How to Protect Your Investments

By Adam Hill / 27 Oct 2022

This article is designed to be a general commentary on diversification and alternative investments in your portfolio. While the content…