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By SGT Trading Desk / 18 Sep 2023

Economic data this past week showed Americans keep spending-though they are growing more pessimistic about the economy. The 10-year Treasury yield rose for a second consecutive week and settled at 4.321% on Friday, around its highest levels of the year.

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By SGT Trading Desk / 11 Sep 2023

Apple is facing new threats to its iPhone sales in China. The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday reported China has ordered government officials not to use iPhones for work or bring them to the office.

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By SGT Trading Desk / 04 Sep 2023

Americans Celebrate a Long Labor Day Weekend. Last week highlights: U.S. employers added 187,000 jobs last month while payrolls in June and July were revised down a combined 110,000, the Labor Department said…

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By SGT Trading Desk / 28 Aug 2023

The Fed is prepared to raise rates further. The inflation target is still 2%, and lowering inflation will require a softer labor market. Rate hikes have not been fully seen in the economy, so the Fed will proceed with caution and obverse the data.

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By Martyn Price / 21 Aug 2023

Last week’s headlines

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By SGT Trading Desk / 14 Aug 2023

Debate continues on some key topics keeping some good volatility in these summer markets. Is the summer rally running out of steam? The SP500 falls for a second week amid conflicting inflation data.

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By SGT Trading Desk / 07 Aug 2023

The main themes from last week for anyone who missed out: A drop in US Bond prices after the Fitch rating agency downgraded the US credit rating from AAA to AA+, sending yields…

When you get it wrong, you get it wrong… or do you?

By Tony Westfallen / 03 Aug 2023

The strength in equity markets surprises me to no end. I don’t have exposure to these markets, so it’s not costing me directly. But what was just a few companies bolstering value has expanded to other companies…

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By SGT Trading Desk / 31 Jul 2023

Last week, the Fed and the European Central Bank (ECB) implemented another 25-basis point hike, raising the rate to 5.5% and 4.25% respectively, a decision which aligned with market expectations.

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By SGT Trading Desk / 24 Jul 2023

Wednesday 26th July will see the Fed announce its next interest rate decision. The consensus is for a further 25 basis points to bring rates up to 5.5%. This week also sees a