Understanding Forex Trading: Top 5 Things You Need to Know

By Michael Kelley / 28 Feb 2024

Forex trading, or foreign exchange trading, is a dynamic global marketplace where currencies are bought and sold. Understanding what forex trading is extends beyond simply knowing it involves currencies…

With the price of Cocoa still on the rise, it looks like the wife will not getting a box of chocolates on Valentines Day!

By Tony Westfallen / 06 Feb 2024

The last time Cocoa prices traded at the current level, I was a young floor trader on the London Cocoa Exchange, that was back in 1977! Three years of poor global production and prices continue to sky rocketed, and they say there is no end in sight.


What is a Spread in Trading? 

By Michael Kelley / 30 Nov 2023

Understanding and Utilizing Spreads for Profit. In the world of finance, a spread refers to the difference between two similar measurements, such as stock prices, yields, or interest rates…