Understanding Basis Points in Trading

By Michael Kelley / 02 Nov 2023

In the world of finance, there are many terms that may seem complex at first but understanding them is crucial to navigate the markets effectively. One such term is basis points (BPS)…

The Curious Case of a Rising Stock Market in a Sluggish Economy

By Tony Westfallen / 18 Jul 2023

In the realm of finance, it is not uncommon to witness peculiar market phenomena that defy conventional wisdom. One such phenomenon that has piqued the interest of investors and analysts alike is the rising stock market amidst a backdrop of a flat to declining economy.

Equity Market Observation 26.10.22
DAX Index

By SGT Technical Analysis / 26 Oct 2022

After trading as low as 11800 in early October, we have seen corrective rally into the longer term down move…

Equity Market Observation 12.10.22
Nasdaq Index

By SGT Technical Analysis / 12 Oct 2022

Nasdaq observation follow up broke our support level 11,000 and second target 10,500 came close to be tested, rebounded to…

Equity Market Observation 29.09.22
Nasdaq Index

By SGT Technical Analysis / 29 Sep 2022

Nasdaq has tested our support level at 11,000 and looks like it wont be long before breaking, will it hit…

Equity Market Observation 11.07.22
DAX Index

By SGT Technical Analysis / 11 Jul 2022

Looking at the chart back till 2009 then it’s tempting to close short and go small long around the rising…

Equity Market Observation 08.07.22
Dow Jones

By SGT Technical Analysis / 08 Jul 2022

Follow up on earlier observation, Dow Jones tested the first FiBo support 23.6% and had as expected a bounce, technically…

Equity Market Observation 06.07.22

By SGT Technical Analysis / 06 Jul 2022

Having broken trendline support and major topping formation at 14,800, market is retesting lows for this move around 12,500 level.…