The Promised Land of Cannabis?


The metaverse is still very much a work in progress, but its potential to disrupt and bring real-world benefits is becoming increasingly compelling.

The metaverse will likely impact many distinct areas of life, but it will also deliver something genuinely new – a virtual (and convenient) alternative to bricks and mortar stores where the customer experience is truly front and centre, where experts, entertainers, businesses, and fans can meet, learn, and earn.

With Cannaland, Cannaverse Technologies is building a metaverse to help the exploding global cannabis market extend its reach, engage with more users, explore the direct health benefits of the plant, and to enable companies to build 100% digital brands to better serve and delight their customers.

Built on the blockchain, Cannaland immerses consumers in a digital experience focusing on ecommerce, entertainment and gaming, personalization, education, latest medical research and insights, public policy.” Cannaland White Paper.

The Cannaland Token (CannaToken – CNLT) is already listed on 2 major exchanges, OKX Dex and Uniswap. According to the Cannaland White Paper “These tokens provide consumer rewards and indisputable proof of ownership of goods, services and properties that is more secure than any land deed.”

Holding CNLT means:

  • Discounts on NFTs
  • Priority-access to drops for holders
  • Exclusive access to creator coins
  • Participation in liquidity pools and staking
  • Access to exclusive content
  • CANNALAND Metaverse benefits

Check out this video of co-founder Matt Morgan explaining how Cannaland is already bringing real word value as the leading metaverse for the world’s favourite weed – cannabis.

Matthew Morgan | CANNALAND Co-Founder

As a seasoned entrepreneur and successful businessman, Matthew Morgan is the co-founder of several cannabis companies including Bloom Dispensaries, Tryke companies, Reef Dispensaries, Ignite Cannabis Co., and Green Axis Capital. He is highly regarded in the cannabis industry as an innovator and thought leader. He has an in-depth knowledge of the industry and has a demonstrated history of bringing businesses to scale quickly and profitably.

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