Trading, Investing & Digital Assets in the spotlight in new video series


SGT and trademakers have partnered with the Ztudium group to bring market-tested experience and insights into trading and investing opportunities for young and old.

The new video series, ‘Financial Markets’ will focus on helping our community better understand trading in the traditional markets as well as the opportunities in the alternatives sector. This series will be hosted on TradersDNA, part of the Ztudium group.


We will also try to highlight some of the potential we see in ‘fractionalised investments’ as a way for smaller investors to invest on the same terms as the financial giants, but at a fraction of the normal cost.


Lastly, we uncover some of the most exciting digital projects being developed to address real-world problems. On the blockchain or not, the digitisation of assets seems unstoppable, but which ‘projects’ have the capacity to deliver on their promises?


That’s just some of the questions we will be exploring in this series. We will be regularly joined by special guests from the traditional world of online trading, investment specialists and the people behind the digital projects that could change our world.


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