Become an Introducer

Work with SGT as an Introducing Broker or Referring Agent and maximize your earning potential with a trusted offshore broker/dealer partner.

1. Choose your partner type


Introducing Broker (IB)

An IB not only introduces new clients to SGT under his own management, but is also responsible for the trading, execution, operations of the underlying clients' accounts, and for maintaining an overview of the positions held on behalf of the clients introduced.

More about being an Introducing Broker


Referring Agent

Agents purely refer potential clients (such as brokers, banks, funds, managers, and individual traders) that SGT might be able to work with and are remunerated based on the earnings generated by each introduction.

More about being a Referring Agent

2. Apply online


Applying for an account (takes less than 5 minutes) first of all as this will be the account all your earnings will be placed into.

3. Complete account verification


You will need to upload a copy of your passport, driving license or government-issued ID card and take a selfie to verify your account.

More about account verification

4. Configure account


Once your account has been verified, we will be in touch to configure your new account, and set the trading conditions for your introductions.

5. Agree commercials


During the account configuration phase, we will agree the commercial terms for your introducer’s account with SGT.

6. Go live

We will send you the credentials for your new partner account. With these you can login to your partner area, and start introducing clients to SGT, monitor your earnings and see all your referrals.