When Will You Start Slowing Down for the Summer?


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As much as our roles in the financial world demand constant vigilance, the summer season brings with it the need for a well-deserved break.

Family holidays are a priority, and it’s crucial to balance our professional commitments with personal time. The pressure to stay connected to the markets can be overwhelming, but it’s important to disconnect and enjoy quality time with loved ones.


In today’s world, where people are starting families later in life, it might seem old-fashioned to emphasize the importance of family time. However, taking a break from the markets is invaluable. The markets will continue to move, but they’ll still be there when you return, often offering a fresh perspective and renewed energy that can lead to better trading decisions.


Living in an ocean-front apartment allows me the luxury of daily beach visits, yet I still recognize the importance of a proper vacation away from the computer screen. For those using similar trading time frames to mine, which range from three days to two months, taking a break is manageable with some preparation. Reducing market exposure and setting crucial stop-loss orders can provide peace of mind during your time off.


When I worked as a floor trader and managed investment funds, taking a break felt much more challenging. Clients and investors expected daily engagement with their capital, and the focus was often on short-term trades. Thankfully, my current situation allows more flexibility, but for those still feeling tethered to the markets, it’s essential to prioritize time off.

Investment Time Frames


Each trader has their preferred time frames, influenced by their strategies and market experiences. Algorithmic traders might execute trades in seconds, similar to how we operated on the exchange floor, while cryptocurrency holders might maintain positions for years. These preferences are shaped by various factors, including the era in which one started trading.

When I entered the business 50 years ago, the lack of advanced technology meant that charts were painstakingly drawn by hand. My job was to update daily high-low-close charts and maintain point-and-figure charts. The tools available today, such as real-time stochastic, MACD, and other oscillators, were unimaginable back then.


Despite the limited technical tools, we still made trading recommendations based on basic chart patterns and support and resistance levels. Our recommendations were grounded in daily charts, which meant that the minimum investment period was three days, but we generally targeted movements over several weeks. This approach remains comfortable for me, and it aligns well with my weekly report writing.


Today, I integrate as many computer-generated tools as possible to enhance the ideas we discuss. While the trading landscape has evolved dramatically, the principles of taking a well-timed break and maintaining a balanced perspective remain timeless.

Taking a break from the markets this summer is not just a chance to relax; it’s a strategic move to return with a clearer mind and sharper insights. The markets will wait for your return, and the benefits of spending quality time with family and friends are immeasurable.

The post When Will You Start Slowing Down for the Summer? first appeared on JP Fund Services.

The post When Will You Start Slowing Down for the Summer? appeared first on JP Fund Services.

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