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SGT Chart Book 08.04.24

By SGT Trading Desk / 08 Apr 2024

Key points of the week: Fridays US jobs report showed the adding of 303,000 jobs way above expectations. March manufacturing data released on Monday was above 50 indicating expansion, first time in over a year.

SGT Chart Book 01.04.24

By SGT Trading Desk / 01 Apr 2024

USA500: Strong first quarter of 2024, with gains over 10%. Last week again saw new highs for this rally. The hourly chart shows trendline support beneath market levels…

SGT Chart Book 25.03.24

By SGT Trading Desk / 25 Mar 2024

US Stock markets pushed to new highs by hopes that high borrowing costs are coming to an end. On Wednesday, after Fed Chair Jerome Powell indicated that the central bank was still on track to cut interest rates three times this year, all three major indexes hit new record highs. FOMC forecasts shows 75 bps of rate cuts in 2024.

SGT Chart Book 18.03.24

By SGT Trading Desk / 18 Mar 2024

S&P 500 lower for Second Straight Week, after higher-than-expected inflation data releases. Consumer (CPI) and producer prices (PPI) released earlier this week reported higher inflation than expected. This data is expected to slow down hopes that the Fed could soon begin cutting interest rates.

SGT Chart Book 11.03.24

By SGT Trading Desk / 11 Mar 2024

Stocks Drop After February Jobs Report – Non-Farm Payroll (NFP); Wall street Journal weekend headline reads: Cooling Labor Boosts Rate-Cut Hopes…

SGT Chart Book 04.03.24

By SGT Trading Desk / 04 Mar 2024

Nasdaq composite reached an ATH. The previous high was in 2021. S&P and Nasdaq Set new record highs. An interesting stat: When the S&P500 closed higher in January and February it went on to finish the year higher 27 out of 28 years. Nvidia reaching new highs, helps the S& P500 notch up its 15th record high of the year.

SGT Chart Book: AI and Nvidia Focused Week

By SGT Trading Desk / 26 Feb 2024

Nvidia mania gripped markets this week. Last week saw a record day with MAG7 stocks (Microsoft, Amazon, Nvidia, Apple, Tesla, Alphabet, Meta) adding over $500Billion in market cap, with Nvidia adding a record USD277…

SGT Chart Book

By SGT Trading Desk / 19 Feb 2024

The stock-market rally was hit last week when government data showed that prices rose more than expected last month and suggested that the Fed’s fight against inflation may not end as easily as some investors expected.

SGT Chart Book

By SGT Trading Desk / 12 Feb 2024

S&P 500 Index reached new highs and breached 5,000 for the first time. Up 14 or the past 15 weeks for the first time since 1972. WOW! Nikkei hits a 34 year high. Now only approx. 5% away from ATH set December 1989…

SGT Chart Book

By SGT Trading Desk / 05 Feb 2024

Highlights from Last week: 1. Non-farm payroll release on Friday 2. Wednesdays Fed Meeting, and 3. Mega cap stocks continue to perform…